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Chocolat Gelato is the younger adoptive sister of Red Savarin and one of the main characters and protagonists of the story. She is a mechanically-minded Caninu who supports Red via radio. She is the pilot of Asmodeus, the large airship that she constructed herself to help navigate the Shepherd Islands along with her older brother Red.


Despite her name suggesting that her fur may be a chocolatey brown, she is actually a bright vivid pink in colour. She has tall, pink upright ears, wide, purple eyes, long hot-pink hair down to her lower back and a tiny bushy tail in the same hot-pink colour. She wears a navy-blue, striped no-sleeved shirt with glove-sleeves reaching all the way up to her shirt (but leaving a small section of skin exposed) in the same style. The shirt has golden rings at the shoulders and the glove sleeves have golden rings at the wrists and the also have what appear to be temperature gauges worn on top of these rings on the wrists. A larger, upside-down temperature gauge sits at the middle of her chest, attached to the shirt. She has a pair of rather short shorts in the same style as the shirt attached to it, wearing the whole outfit as one big suit. The shorts also have golden rings where they end and there is a small hole to allow Chocolats' tail to poke through.

She wears a faded purple coloured cap that fits her ears tightly and has a pair of gold and brown pilot goggles worn on top of the hat. She wears small brown shoes with shiny golden lining and has large white and striped leg warmers with a purple tint on top of the shoes.


When compared to Red, her adoptive older brother, Chocolat appears to be rather level-headed and cheerful, but she can stand up for things she believes in. She likes to boss Red around make it seem like she's the more important one out of them, but will serve as a protective sister figure to him when he needs it.


Most of her past is not covered in the game, except that at some point in her life she was found wandering around aimlessly at an orphanage by Red Savarin whilst he was riding in his robot, Dahak and that they soon become great friends, leading to her becoming Reds' adoptive sister.

Role in GameEdit

She is only seen in dialogue, never in the actual gameplay and serves as a secondary protagonist to Red and communicates to him via the Dahak's radio to help him through his journey and walk him through the areas that he must traverse on his missions. She pilots the Asmodeus, which the characters use to navigate the shepherd republic and get from island to island.