Elh Melizée
Elh Melizee


Elh Melizée (Usually referred to just as Elh)







Elh is a Felineko Paladin and a main protagonist of the game that, although appearing to be rather young, is over three hundred years old. Red saves Elh from death when he finds her unconscious on a mission aboard the Hindenburg. She is encountered on an early mission, after the first sequence of gameplay and is referred to as "Mystery Boy" when first met. She keeps an emotional distance away from everyone due to a dark secret in her past, with even her gender initially left ambiguous. After the cinematic showing Red and Elh meeting ends, a black screen appears with yellow text written on it that reads:

"And thus, by chance the two met -or so it seemed"

"Time had yet to reveal that their encounter had been fated"


Elh appears to be based upon an average American Shorthair cat. She is a white and dark purple striped Felineko with dark grey upright ears, long shaded grey hair, a white and dark grey striped tail that ends in a bushy purple ball and yellow eyes. All of her clothes are also white and grey-themed, with golden accents and a purple tint.

She dresses mainly in a white, frilled long shirt/short dress with purple and dark grey striped sleeves and furry cuffs, a small cape with a tall, wide, black collar, full black leggings and white knee-high boots that are lined with fur. She also has what look like piercings in her ears along with golden ball earrings. She has what appears to be some sort of adornment added to her dress that seems to be something like a scarf/suspenders that is fully white and ends in a gold plate at the tip.

She is known to usually dress like a boy, which several people question her on throughout the game, though Red and Chocolat are the only ones who didnt seem to work it out immediately, assuming that she actually was a boy.


Elh tries to act and seem like a boy but she is actually a girl. One of the things that gives hints to that she might be a girl is her reaction to hearing about or seeing bugs of any shape or size, she was deathly afraid of them and screamed, one of the very few womanly characteristics that Elh has.

She is usually shown as being quite motivated, focused and lacking in a sense of humour at the start of the game, after she awakes from her unconsciousness. She believes that promises of money and other bribes can influence anyone if the reward is great enough and she attempts to sway Red to help her on her mission by using this same method, offering him millions of rings (the in game currency).

Elh starts as a quite strange and mysterious person, but is soon influenced by Red's adventurous personality and becomes a bit more expressive and develops an almost sarcastic sense of humour. Over time, she appears to develop feelings for Red and is brought to tears towards the end of the game when finding out that she might never see him again.

Elh seems to have a practical and possibly narcissist view on life. She believes that her only purpose in life is to perform the 'Rite of Forfeit', which she used before three hundred years ago and which granted her Eternal Youth. Who she sacrificed three hundred years ago is not revealed during either part of the game, but it seemed to take a heavy toll on her, as she was scared of doing it again with Red.



Elh shares a complicated relationship with Red. During the start, she simply needs him because of the Amulet he took on the Hindenburg and to perform the 'Rite of Forfeit'. However, over time she begins to develop feelings for him, and during the second part of the game these feelings are more obvious. It is possible that she loved him throughout most of the game, as at Samoyede, where they went to perform the Rite, a woman says to Elh that she should be true to her feelings.


Not much is seen between the two of them, though it could be assumed that they have some sort of relationship as they are both girls and both have to deal with Red. They are also both worried about Red when he does the simulations.


There is also not much of a relationship between these two, though during Red's simulations, Elh is the first one Merveille tells about Red's past, so their is probably some sort of mutual respect


The two of them are both Paladins, and also the only remaning survivors from Ragdoll. Elh is at first worried that he has turned over to the Kurvaz to help awaken Lares, but by the second part of the game, this fear has been arrested and smoothed over.


Early Life

Elh was born on an island called Ragdoll and raised as a Paladin, a clan which is famed for their understanding of immortality and use of a power called the Nono to perform various magic. It is hinted in the Library at the Cabin that Felineko's have more of an aptitude for magic, so this may also have something to do with it. When she was away from Ragdoll, it was burnt down by Baion, and she thought she was the only survivor. However, near the start of the game, she realises that Béluga, another Paladin, also survived.

Part 1

After retrieving the stolen confidential file in the Hindenburg, Red finds Elh unconcious and brings her to the Asmodeus to heal. Soon after awaking her from unconsciousness, Red finds that Elh is actually a rather intimidating and focused individual who almost views Red as an interference, much to his annoyance. Elh soon helps Red and Chocolat on their journey, so long as they help her on hers.