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Lares is one of the first main antagonists met in the game and plays a large part all the way throughout the story. Lares is a gigantic creature made up of earthen materials, mainly rock and metal, and is controlled by Bruno Dondurma.
Lares Destroyng Hillenburg

Lares destroys the Hillenburg


Lares is a silvery blue colour all over and is a giant quadrupedal being of metal and earthen matter awoken from its slumber by Bruno Dondurma, and has proportionally rather small eyes that are shown as either purple, blue or yellow and glow brightly to signify its awakening. Lares' back is adorned by 3 spikes that are the size of buildings. Lares' face is quite an unnerving sight as it appears to be human-like but not very expressive. A large horn protrudes from the front of the giant monsters' forehead that is in line with its back.

The top of Lares is covered in living organisms that have grown on it over time, whereas the bottom shows lots of detail and not very natural markings on him, implying that he may have been created by something or someone. His chest is lined with futuristic patterns and lights, all centred around a bright orb in the middle of his chest. His legs, although hardly visible through the plasma sea beneath the Shepherd Islands, are single-jointed and a adorned with what appears to be metallic veins or roots stretching along the back. The front of Lares' two front legs are bare and show a metal shine, however the front of the two back legs have frilled spikes all the way around, almost like some kind of footwear. Lares also has a long, scaled tail that makes up about half of his length and is a bright white at the very tip.