Red Savarin
Red savarin


Red Savarin (Sometimes referred to as Red the Hunter, Mr. Red (by the orphans), or just as Red)







Red Savarin is the Main Protagonist and only Playable Character in the game, and he is voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara.

The game's main character. a 17-year-old Caninu hunter, he rides atop a giant strong-armed robot named Dahak. While Red can sometimes have a bit of a smart mouth, he's the type of guy who could never abandon someone in trouble.


Red is a Caninu and has large upright ears, blue eyes, light red fur with long brownish red hair that is styled into a ponytail. He also has a long, bushy tail that is the same colour as his hair. He is often shown with a bone in his mouth and he is also usually shown with a large scar just above his snout, stretching from eye to eye. When in human form, his hair is no longer styled in a ponytail and reaches down to his lower back, his fur and tail disappear, and his eyes either remain blue or turn red.

Red's outfit is really rather complex and is mainly adorned with the colours red, blue, white and small amounts of green. His clothes primarily consist of a navy blue, tight, long-sleeved shirt with white vertical stripes along the middle with green decorations on the chest, red and blue shorts which seem to be connected to the shirt, a red cape which ends about elbow height, and a red pilots cap in the same style as his cape. He also wear brown gloves with red guards and the same green decoration as the ones on his shirt, but smaller, and brown knee-high boots that have a long, thick white stripe down the front of them, they also have some sort of circular plating at the knee and on top of the foot. He also wears rather stereotypical pilot goggles with a brown, leather strap and dark silver lenses on top of his red cap. However, in Trance, he only wears the bottom part of his entire outfit, and instead is topless, although his scar along his face still shows.


Red is shown to be in possession of a large pistol sword that is about half the size of his entire body. The sword is relatively thin and shown to actually be very sharp. Their are two parts to the actual blade itself, the inner and the outer, it is a vivid red colour on the inside of the blade and a steel grey on the outside. The blades' hilt is a long light-brown handle attached to a complex, golden pistol, with the blade starting at just about the trigger. However, this game is hardly ever seen and unusable in game.

Although rarely seen and only used in game when he is not piloting the Dahak, Red also has a small stun gun to stun enemies for a short while, allowing him to travel by unscathed. The stun gun is only seen in game when not in the Dahak and is rather difficult to make out, but is mainly just a small, dark grey rod in Reds' hands that shoots out small jolts of electricity.


At the very beginning of the game, Red is shown to be a quite hot-blooded character. He's brash and quick to act, he usually only thinks of defeating his foes and fulfilling his contracts, but can take some time off to relax and help those in need. His speech isn't exactly refined, but he's honest, kind and good at taking care of others; the classic "leader kid". He is extremely self-confident early on in the game and likes to boast about his accomplishments to the inhabitants of the Shepherd Islands, especially his sister Chocolat. He likes to rush into things head first and can make mistakes that he doesn't like to take responsibility for.As the game progresses, Red becomes more mature, as he realises what he's up against and the amount his friends rely on him. Instead of the wise-cracking adventurer he was before, he is more focused and sensible. Red is now a lot more level-headed and dependable. However, his adoptive sister Chocolat becomes worried about him, missing the fun, adventurous friend she once had.


Chocolat: Red and Chocolat act like brother and sister, though despite Red being four years older, Chocolat generally bosses him around. This is probably due to the fact that she acted as the older one when he was at the orphanage. Despite this, they obviously care about each other.

Elh: Red finds Elh on board the Hindenburg when it is going down. He rescues her, though thinks she is a boy, and doesnt learn that she's a girl until the chapter 'Elh's Phobia'. By the end of the first part, they are shown to care about each other a lot, as Red rescues Elh despite her admitting that she would have taken his life in the 'Rite of Forfeit'. During the second part, this is taken slightly further, as Elh shows that she is worried about Red during the simulations, and at the end when he threatens her life, she refuses to leave his side.

Merveille: During the first part, not much of a relationship is shown. However, when the second part begins and Red's past is starting to be revealed, Red asks Merveille if she would be his mother, because she gave some of her cells to help create him. When the game is complete and you go to the Golden Roar and talk to her, she calls you her son, before saying that she is only joking..or at least partially.

Basset Orphanage: Red seems to have a sort of relationship with the Director and kids at the Basset Orphanage, as he visits them when he is down and plays with them when they want to. In fact, you can only gain complete control over Trance in the second part after you save the Director and Arzy from the Orphanage.


Early LifeEdit

Red was created by Baion and Merveille as a hybrid, with the form of a human and a Caninu, which is the race of the series. Him, Blanck and Nero were all hybrids, created to help Baion awaken Lares and Lemures and bring Tartaros to the dimension. However, Merveille made Red into a defect on purpose, so that he would grow and evolve, seeking help and advice.

When Baion realised he was a defect, Merveille sent Red away with the Dahak before he could be 'scrapped', and also wiped his memory so that he could live normally. Red then turned up at the orphanage Chocolat was raised in, with no memories and only the Dahak. Chocolat was described to act as Red's big sister during this phase, leading him around and looking after him. He apparently also has no memory of when he first appeared at the orphanage

Part IEdit

Red & Chocolat fly the Asmodeus to the Hindenburg for a quest from Quebec where the must retrieve a stolen confidental file. Red, piloting the Dahak, boards the airship and makes his way through to the location. Of the confidential file. After finding the file, Red realises that there is something sparkling in a glass case, it was a shining medallion. He exclaims "Finders, Keepers" and takes the glittering piece of jewellry. Suddenly, a bright red light starts flashing in the middle of the medallion and the entire ship begins to rumble and shudder. A Titano machina named Lares rises up from the extensive and dangerous plasma sea beneath the Shepherd Republic and destroys the Hindenburg. As Red makes his escape, he comes across small, animate balls of black and red energy that begin to attack him; confused, he fights back, extinguishing the threat. During his last few moments on the ship before he leaps to safety aboard the Asmodeus, Red stops to see an unconscious boy (Elh), then tries to wake him up. Red only just managed to escape with the boy, but the confidential file was burnt and lost in the wreckage of the ship.

5749 - Solatorobo - Red the Hunter (DSi Enhanced) (E)(EXiMiUS) 31 28359

Red Tries to Wake Elh in collapsing Hindernburg

After escaping, he & Chocolat decided to Go Airedale to give Quebec news about what happened on their quest. After telling him and not receiving payment because the client didn't get what he wanted, the group decided to go back to Asmodeus to see if Elh woke up. When Elh woke up and found that Red was in possession of the medallion, she decided to help the team.